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Get Publishing Communications Society

The Get Publishing Communications Society connects diverse communities of aspiring, experienced, and professional writers with publishing resources and opportunities through networking, mentoring, and education. We champion innovative, collaborative connections among writers, editors, publishers, and audiences.

Twitter: @GetPublishing

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GetPublishing


Writers' Guild of Alberta

The Writers' Guild of Alberta is a provincial arts service organization that represents both professional and emerging writers in Alberta. Our mission is to inspire, connect, support, encourage, and promote writers and writing, to safeguard the freedom to write and to read, and to advocate for the well-being of writers.

Twitter: @WritersGuildAB

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WritersGuildofAlberta 


Editors' Association of Canada-Prairie Provinces Branch

As key professionals in the writing and publishing enterprise, many EAC-PPB members work for local and provincial governments, colleges, universities, school boards, health authorities, and other public sector agencies—either in-house or freelance. We also perform technical, scientific, and corporate work, especially where head offices are found. Several small publishers in the Prairies produce trade, literary, and educational books, and our members work with or for them. Writers and publishers need us!

Twitter: @EAC_Prairies

Facebook: www.facebook.com/EACPrairies